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Are there any items Courtesy Pay would not be applied?

Courtesy Pay would not apply to the below items:   Share Drafts presented for cash by the account holder at an Access Center Member check presented by Payee at an Access Center ATM Transactions POS (PIN based) Transactions Bill Payer Transactions Online Banking Transactions Telephone Teller Transactions ACH/Pre-Authorized Drafts presented on an account other than...
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What types of transactions will access a member’s Courtesy Pay limit?

The following are items that Courtesy Pay may apply to:   Share drafts presented on the member’s Share Draft Checking Account ACH transactions presented on the member’s Share Draft Checking Account Check Card one-time debit transactions presented on the member’s Share Draft Checking Account (members must opt-in for this feature)
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Is Courtesy Pay a loan?

No.  It is a non-contractual courtesy that we extend to our members who maintain their Share Draft accounts in good standing.  When the feature is used, it results in a negative or overdrawn account.  This feature is discretionary on the part of the Credit Union.  The words “DISCRETION” and “DISCRETIONARY”, however used, mean there is...
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How much will the feature cost members?

The Courtesy Pay feature does not cost members anything unless they use it.  There is no regular monthly fee for the service.  The only time a member will incur a cost for the Courtesy Pay feature is when they use it (for example, if an item is paid by the Credit Union which causes the...
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What are the eligibility requirements for Courtesy Pay?

A member is eligible to receive Courtesy Pay for checks/share drafts and ACH transactions once the below criteria is met.  A member must opt in for Courtesy Pay to apply to everyday debit card transactions.   Eligibility Criteria: Qualifies for a Share Draft Checking Account Has not caused a loss to the Credit Union Member...
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Does the Credit Union offer protection from overdrafts?

Yes, all members that have a Share Draft Checking Account are automatically set up with overdraft protection from their Primary Savings Account.  If the member has an established Line of Credit, the Line of Credit may also be used as an overdraft option.  If both a Line of Credit and a Primary Savings Account are...
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