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Good things come to those who wait

A CD is a smart, safe way to start investing. Reward the future you by saving up now.

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  • Guaranteed rate of return
  • Greater dividends the more you invest

Saving is easy


Determine Your Opening Deposit

Start with $500, or if you’re 25 and under start with just $250.


Pick Your Term

Choose anything from 6 months to 5 years.


Start EarningĀ 

You’ll earn dividends every month.

The nitty gritty on how it all works

A CD is like a promise.

You agree to leave your money untouched for a certain amount of time or a “term”. In return, we’ll give you a higher dividend rate.

Once your term is over, you can take your money out, or decide to reinvest it.

Ready to open your CD?


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