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How can I avoid overdrafts?

The best way to avoid overdrafts is to keep an accurate transaction register and balance it to your monthly statements.  Be sure to record automatic payments, bill pay transactions, check card purchases and ATM withdrawals.  You can use helpful resources such as Online and Mobile Banking or Telephone Teller for transaction information.  However, these resources...
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How will the credit union collect the Courtesy Pay balances?

The Courtesy Pay service is discontinued if the share is not brought current within 30 days.  If the negative balance is not resolved within 45 days, the account is restricted and the negative balance will be recommended for charge off.  The balance owed, including any and all fees, will be reported to Chex Systems.
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How is the account balance determined?

We authorize and pay transactions using the available balance in your account.  The available balance is the ledger balance (collected funds) minus any debit card holds.  As such, the available balance does not include any deposited funds on hold.  We may place a hold on deposited funds in accordance with our Membership Account Agreement and...
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