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How is the account balance determined?

We authorize and pay transactions using the available balance in your account.  The available balance is the ledger balance (collected funds) minus any debit card holds.  As such, the available balance does not include any deposited funds on hold.  We may place a hold on deposited funds in accordance with our Membership Account Agreement and our Funds Availability Disclosure.  If the funds in the available balance are not sufficient to cover a transaction, any available overdraft protection and/or Courtesy Pay may be used to authorize and pay a transaction.  We will also place a hold on your account for any authorized debit card transaction until the transaction settles (usually within two business days) or as permitted by payment system rules.  In some cases, the hold may exceed the amount of the transaction.  When the hold ends, we will add the funds to the available balance.  If your account is overdrawn after such held funds are added to the available balance and the transaction is posted to the available balance, an overdraft fee may be assessed.