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FAQ Order Checks

Ordering Checks

Find useful information about ordering checks below.

Check Order FAQ's
  • Order through Online and Mobile banking
  • First order is Free
  • Customizable

How do I order checks?

You can order checks through both Online and Mobile banking.

Online Banking : To order checks through Online banking, click on the Checking share from within the dashboard. A menu will populate on the right side of the screen. “Order Checks” will be the 4th option within the menu.

Mobile Banking : To order checks through Mobile banking, click on the checking share from within the Dashboard. At the top right corner of the mobile screen you will see a “More” tab. Click on the “More” tab and “Order Checks” will be last option within the menu.


Are check orders free?

The first order are free to all members. This is valid for the basic safety paper duplicate checks.  This excludes business checks. Any member 60 years of age or older do not get charged for basic check orders.


How quickly can I expect to receive the checks?

All check orders are send standard delivery. The checks will arrive within 7-10 business days of the order.


Are emergency checks available?

Emergency checks (4) are free to our membership as long as it accompanies a check order.


Can I customize my check order?

Although these would not be free, all check orders are customizable. Once you arrive to the check order page on either online or mobile banking you have the option to browse the catalog. From within this catalog you can customize the checks as you wish.