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Set aside for specific spending goals

Whether it’s a beach trip, ski holiday, or anything in between, a Club Savings Account makes sure you have savings set aside for the those special purchases and occasions.

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  • Great rates for members
  • Receive funds when you designate
  • Set funds aside for specific savings goals

Special Savings in 1, 2, 3


Set a Goal 

Decide what you’re saving for.


Stay Consistent

Set up automatic deposits.


Earn Your Reward

Access your savings account when you choose.

Make Saving Fun

Our Savings Account makes sure your nest egg is organized in a separate space that you never have to worry about. Choose how much and how often you set money aside, and we’ll disburse your savings, plus the dividends, at the time of your choosing.

Save now to enjoy later


“I appreciate you believing in me when no other financial institution would. I am a forever customer because of this. Much appreciation!”