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September Shred Events

Helping our members keep your information safe and secure is a priority here at your credit union. As a special member service, in September we held two shred events to provide people the opportunity to safely destroy their sensitive documents and receipts for free. Our Warminster Access Center Shred event was held on September 27,...
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Protect Yourself from Scams this Holiday Season

In today’s world, protecting yourself from fraud is increasingly difficult as scams are becoming more and more sophisticated. Even the savviest individuals are not immune to falling victim to identity theft or other schemes. We always say if something seems too good to be true, it likely is, however new threats present themselves daily and...
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Focus on Security

If you have logged in to online or mobile banking over the past few months, you likely have noticed that your two-factor authentication (2FA) options have changed. As of early October, email is no longer offered as an option for 2FA, and members must choose an alternative option. Any time we make a change such...
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Contactless Technology is Here!

We are excited to share that contactless card technology is here! If you recently received a new VISA® credit or debit card, you are likely carrying this tap and go technology in your wallet now. If you have a VISA® credit or debit card currently that does not have the contactless symbol, you will receive...
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President’s Message

We Are Here to Help in Difficult Times First the Pandemic, and then out of control inflation and higher prices for the essentials such as food, utilities and gas to name a few.  What’s next?  Well, I don’t know the answer to that, but I will say that we were around during the Pandemic and...
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